We are a group that believes in human development through sport and education, the same principles that moved the twice Olympic champion Giovane Gávio in the pursuit of his dreams. Conceived from Giovane’s urge to undertake with seriousness and credibility, and to share values, The Giovane Gávio Group has expertise in image and brands management, social, licensing, coaching, promotion and production of sporting events, franchises, training and others.

      The company’s history began in 1992. At the time, João Ayrton, Gigio’s father, had founded the Giovane Gávio Promoções Ltda, an initiative whose core business was to manage Giovane’s image as an athlete as well as products licensing. In 2000, the Giovane Gávio Institute effectively became a reality, a non-profit company aimed at the socio-sports segment, currently investing in the training of educators and children across the country.

      In 2004, under the leadership of the brands and sports marketing specialist and business coach Priscila Gávio, Gama Sports was created. The company’s core business was to position and manage all assets related to the Giovane Gávio brand, perpetuating its undisputed image of excellence, generating opportunities and businesses that value social responsibility and prioritizing human development. This is how Tria Sports, former Gama Sports, works, managing – on an exclusive basis – all partnerships directly involved with the name, image and brand of the twice Olympic volleyball champion.

     All proposals received by Tria Sports are thoroughly analyzed in order to optimize the realization of businesses that ensure visibility and added value for the organizations.

   The development of Giovane Gávio Participações concurred with Giovane Gávio’s ascending career as coach and manager. In recent years, besides the expansion to other areas of business, the company has begun to invest in the development of volleyball in Brazil and in the world, through Giovane Gávio Education. The main actions promoted in this pillar are the development of the Giovane Gávio teaching methodology for physical education and volleyball, and innumerous courses developed by Giovane with a strong basis on excellence, focus and results. The Giovane Gávio Franchising is a company dedicated to the development and expansion of the network “Play”, which applies the differentiated volleyball learning method developed by Giovane, alongside partners who share the same values, principles and excellence.

    In early 2016, the company underwent a restructuring that resulted in the creation of The Giovane Gávio Group. This internal change has resulted in more expansion and in new business challenges. Excellence, quality and respect  are the core values of the group whose main objective is to foster human development through sport and education.